Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Smart Beauty Choices Is What I'm All About

I'm Michelle and I'm starting a blog at the recommendation of my twin sister, Jennifer, to share my passion for beauty.  
A little about me...I'm 31 and I grew up in Southern California.  I recently moved to Tennessee for work and I love it out here.  I have always been passionate about beauty, but skin care especially.    

I am always learning about something new...chemical peels, copper peptides, you name it!  I soak that stuff up like a sponge.  My goal with this blog is to translate my current passion (right now, its all about chemical peels for me!) into helpful posts for people who aren't crazy enough to spend all evening reading medical journals, blogs and message boards.  I find that often, when I am researching something, it is really hard to get complete information...yet surprisingly easy to get mis-information.  I'll find some helpful tips here, some information there.  I would like to consolidate it into one place where people can come and get the whole least as much of it as I can dig up!

I truly hope that you enjoy reading my posts.  I hope that they save you money and time while directing you towards real treatments that deliver on their promises!

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