Friday, November 16, 2012

Favorite Beauty Resources

This is where I will post my favorite places on the web to find skin care and beauty information.  I will update this list as time goes by and new entries will always been at the top.

Eternally at the Top of the List: Paula Begoun's book, The Beauty Bible and her website What really makes this book important is three things:
1) It will save you BIG money on useless snake oils that you would have shelled out big bucks for and;
2) It will save your skin from being irritated and damaged by products that contain harsh ingredients that should never touch skin (but are hidden in great looking products)
3) It will direct you to treatments that actually work!
I use it all the time...Reviews thousands and thousands of skin care products (and makeup too!) telling you if the product contains harsh ingredients and really does what it says it is going to do.  Plus, they have an app.  I often bust out my cell phone at the drug store when I need a new moisturizer and I get a well-formulated, top performing product at a bargain price.  My gal pal recently spent over $16 at Clinique for a zit buster.  I got the same product at CVS for $4.  I will concede that her tube looked prettier than mine.  My boss told me that she uses Perricone because it is made by a top doctor.  I pulled up his product reviews on Beautypedia and she found that one of her products was good, but the other two got frowny faces.  His stuff costs $$$, so my boss might save a bundle choosing products that are better for her skin in the future.  The forums here are priceless.  Any issue you are dealing with, any medication you are curious about, you can find more information here.
Regular people like you and me review all types of cosmetic procedures, from topical to surgery.  See what other people have to say!
LOVE her!  A world famous makeup artist from the UK, she is kind enough to give-up her beauty and makeup secrets on her website with helpful videos.  When my sister told me I was wearing too much makeup, Lisas videos taught me how to achieve a natural look.  I wear one-tenth the amount of makeup now and look so much better.  Where else can you get free makeup advice from a makeup superstar?

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